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Me Moments Gift Box


Our Me Moments gift box is your cute little reminder that you are special. You usually buy the quality moisturiser for your children, you make sure that everyone else has the best of the best but when it comes to things for you, it’s pushed till later and how often does later come? This is your recharge and relax gift box. 

You are important, Our Me Moments gift box is your gift from you to you. Slow down, indulge yourself in our Salt & Oil bath soak and embrace yourself as rejuvenating salts and rose petals flutter around your skin or have a Milk bath and soothe your mind as your organic blend of Oats and Coconut Milk work to renew your skin. Seal all that moisture in with your personal jar of dreamy whipped cream. It is specially formulated just  for you in a pink sparkle plus, it is fragranced with our familiar Fresh Posy scent used in Wednesday’s Glow oil - Renew Me and I am me bath salts

Relax, recharge, moisture

Prepare for this gifting experience as if you were creating a special occasion for someone of royalty, someone of great value and worth, a divine being. Yes that’s right, you xx


Enhance this bath soak experience by doing one or all the following:

  • Play sensual music or calming sounds
  • Add some big flower petals 
  • Add some candles
  • Read a book you have putting off
  • Add a few drops of Wednesday’s Glow oil
  • Get yourself a glass of something special. 


What's included: 

  • Sheena's Gold Rosy Posy (Valentines Exclusive) 120ml
  • Wednesday Glow I Am Me 40ml
  • Wednesday Glow Soothe Me 40ml
  • Me Moments scratch card

Me Moments Gift Box