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Fill your own - Sheena's Gold


Fill your own - Sheena's Gold (150g)

Mother Nature provides us with a bountiful array of natural ingredients that go into every single Sheena’s Gold product, so we thought it was about time that we did something to give her a helping hand.

In our mission to reduce waste and help protect our natural environment, we are now able to offer our customers the option to refill their empty Sheena’s Gold jar with their favourite cream, therefore recycling our iconic packaging and enabling you to save on your go-to products.

Supplied in a 150g piping bag for refilling, simply choose from our collection of natural, skin loving products and fill your own jars at home for less!

You don’t even need an old Sheena’s Gold jar either – as long as your receptacle is clean and comes complete with an airtight lid, you can cram it full of our skin loving natural products and make some great savings too!

*Please note that our fill your own jar products come packaged in a 150g piping bag only. No jar is supplied.

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Fill your own - Sheena's Gold