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Sheena's Gold - Fill your own jar


 Our fill your own jar option is a new option we are still working on but we believe it is too handy to keep away from you any longer.

This is not the prettiest option and it may be slightly messy but it’s a practical DIY option that saves you money. When you choose the fill your own option, we will package your family-sized cream (150g) into a piping bag and you can fill your old Sheena’s Gold large jar with a fresh batch of cream. You can also use this option to fill any old jars that you have sitting around at home! We feel that this is a great way for us to support you in recycling your glass jars and at the same time providing you with a fresh batch of cream at a lovely price.

Fill your own jar refills also come with a label for you to up-cycle your old jars

** Please note this product does not come with a jar. 

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Sheena's Gold - Fill your own jar