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Our Story

Naturally perfect is a small family team based in London, we love creating fun skincare products just for you and of course, ourselves. We use traditional natural ingredients that have for centuries been used by african women and their families to promote and maintain young and healthy skin. 

Our family got tired of using creams, soaps, toothpastes! and a long list of products and ingredients that were not so good to our beautiful, tender skin. We believe our skin, our bodies and our minds deserve better! 

Now, we know we can't always rely on companies that have no idea who we are or what is good for our skin; it’s impossible to keep up with every individual customer’s skin. The problem is, this isn’t so great at all for our bodies long term health, so we had to take matters into our own hands.


The solution

Why a whipped butter blend? If you’ve ever  tried to use raw Shea butter on it’s own you will agree that it is a bit of a long process to separate and work it into the skin. We love coconut oil but realised it was just a bit too light, especially for irritated skin issues. 

We create a luxurious blend of natural butters and oils to form a smooth, thick, whippy cream that is velvety and luscious on you skin; this is especially valuable if you have skin that is often dry. 

Natural ingredients were created from the earth for us and that's just it. Natural products means happy skin! When you use pure earthy products, so many people can enjoy the purity of the earth's goodness.

So, we have spent time formulating different recipes and our own blend of fragrances to create some really thoughtful scents that compliment the natural fragrance of our butter blends, nothing overpowering. Our products only use natural oils which means there is no need for preservatives yipee! This also means we have the ability to provide you with fresh products without the harsh ingredients used to extend the lifespan of your body products and, you will be reassured in the fact that our products have been through vigorous safety testing and are certified as safe to use on your skin. 

We understand that it is near impossible to live a life completely avoiding all chemicals as they can be found everywhere and anywhere from food to perfume to drinks and soap; the list is endless. However, we can promise that when you choose Naturally Perfect you can guarantee that 99% of our products are lovingly made with quality natural ingredients  whilst some of our products are lightly complemented with pleasant fragrances.