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Have you had a Me Moment today?

At Naturally Perfect, we live a Me Moment lifestyle 

What is a Me Moment?

Simple tasks to have fun-loving, intimate moments with yourself. 

We Incorporate little acts of self-love into our everyday moments to ensure we stay topped up on self-love all through the week.

Transform everything into your moment! Feel good girlie! you are a gift to this world 

We have 52 Me Moments ideas for each week of the year, here are the first 14!

Get as many of them ticked off as you can. The reward is you feeling good about yourself and recharging yourself with some much needed love. Make sure you tag us as you tick off your list, take some pictures, make some videos and send them to us. We will be sharing my Me moments over on Instagram and email.


Me Moment 1: Girl, buy yourself some flowers or a plant 

Me Moment 2: GirlWear something that makes you feel good 

Me Moment 3: Girl, have yourself a sensual bath-time ritual

Me Moment 4: Girl, dance to some feel good music 

Me Moment 5: Girl, write down 5 things you love about yourself 

Me Moment 6: Girl, get your nails done 

Me Moment 7: Girl, journal your thoughts today

Me Moment 8: Girl, wear a perfume or fragrance that makes you feel good even if you aren’t leaving the house.

Me moment 9: Girl, do some meditation 

Me Moment 10: Girl, apply a face mask and give yourself a face massage

Me Moment 11: Girl, go for a walk by yourself, just you and nature.

Me Moment 12: Girl, getting ready is role play time! Act as the ultimate version of you and have fun with it. Close the door, so you can’t get caught!

Me Moment 13: Girl, moisturise yourself to some music, take your time, luuurve on your skin.

Me Moment 14: Girl, do something creative!

Let us know which Me Moment's you’ve done

I really hope you get involved.


xx Rachel