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Sheena's Gold - Twin set


60ml (x2) Handbag size

Choose for your mood.

If you haven’t chosen your favourite scent yet, you love to have options or, you would like to get a little taste of Sheena's Gold experience, that’s great! You will love this option. We can help you find your favourite with Sheena’s gold mini’s. Choose two scents add them to the basket and we’ll do the rest!

With the mini’s you get to choose for your mood, pop them in your handbag and go or even bring them along on your holiday. Our little pots are perfect for the top ups your hand often needs after all those endless hand washes.

Here’s our suggestion:

Use Cocoa Dream when you want to smell sweet and innocent

Use The Remedy when you need therapeutic action on your dry skin

Use Sweet Summer when you need that reminder of sweet and fruity summertime shake


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Sheena's Gold - Twin set