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You are the gift to this world and what that means to us at Naturally Perfect.

I’m going to explain to you why treating you with high regard, pure love and passion is extremely important to me and I’m going to use the example of a Nursery practitioner as this was my role before I had my son.


At home, where children are most comfortable, their parents and family know the bright and colourful, unique personality behind this shy, delicate child that appears on the first day; sometimes this is a very upset little child with fears of being separated by the only people that cherish them. The parent can be a little nervous to hand over their precious angel, they are anxious and need assurance that their child will settle into this new world, grow confident, learn and flourish. As a practitioner, you reassure the parent that their child is in the best hands, they made the right choice and you will bring out the best in their little angel. 

You make sure he/she is always clean, happy, fed and you take extra care to know that he/she is happy and safe. You prevent anything from going wrong because you know there will be serious consequences. This is their baby, their pride and joy, they love this little human with all their heart, this child is a gift to their lives. Their whole lives have changed when this little human came into their world so you go above and beyond for this child while they are in your care.

Do you get where I am going with this? 

This is who you are to Naturally perfect, we take you very seriously as we understand that to someone else, to your parents, to your creator, you are the gift, you were meant to be here. For a lot of us, by the time we become adults and have the responsibility of our own children, work, friends, family, LIFE, we forget this. To be honest, we treat ourselves very badly, we neglect ourselves, we put ourselves last and have no idea who or what we have become, who we were, where we lost ourselves and how to find ourselves. 

But yes, back to the example, we had to look after those children as they were our own, we had to find out their interests, know if something was wrong, be aware of what they did and did not like, plan activities to bring out their potential and push them to develop further and flourish. We continuously had to come up with ideas, and seek different ways  to create a positive, safe and happy environment for these children to thrive and enjoy.  We were so invested in them and why? Because someone else cared for them and trusted us to bring out the best in their child. 

Soooo to bring it together, my son’s statement, my previous role, my current role in creating Naturally Perfect, a world where you are the gift. Yes, to everyone that invests themselves in NP, this is who you are to me, the founder- Rachel. 

This is why I am always trying to find ways to remind you and encourage you to spend time getting to know your amazing selves. I consider it an honour to serve you and create this world of love. 

This is far beyond making skincare products and selling them. This is creating a world you can trust, this is encouraging you to love yourself, have fun with yourself, become your best friend and ultimate versions of you. This is encouraging you to take time out  for yourself, avoiding and preventing burnout, illness, depression, implosions etc. This is about redefining motherhood, adulthood, womanhood and handling it all in a way that makes people ask, “what are you drinking!”, “I’m going to need a dose of whatever she’s having because she has a different vibe” do you get what i mean?

This is about providing you with things that will enhance and sustain your self-love  and self-discovery journey. I will set the example even if it means doing things that make me feel uncomfortable, embarrassing myself or looking silly acting it out on camera, just like a nursery teacher would demonstrating the sound and action a monkey makes. The children’s joy, learning and happiness is the main thing that matters. Of course with me, I'm also setting this standard for myself, If I’m  topped up on self-love then I can radiate pure bliss, genuine, good quality self-love to the world. This is important.

It may sound like an ambitious goal, but I am a mother, a partner, I’ve grieved, I’ve celebrated, I’ve had heart break, I've made sacrifices and you know what, I’m a human so I have felt or witnessed the things I’ve am trying to combat and even if I help one individual to bring about change into their lives and live a happier life. I love extending love, this makes me feel fulfilled.

You are a gift to this world

Lots of love from Rachel xx

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