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We use artificial fragrances!!

If you have had a look at our lovingly made skin-food, you will notice that some of them include fragrance oils which we have used to create delightful smells. Sounds terrible isn't it but it's something that we aren't willing to change at the moment and maybe never will. 

At the moment, The Remedy is the only body butter blend that uses only essential oils. Renew Me body oil also only uses essential oils and we do have other essential oil blends coming later in the year. We love scents! And if you read on you'll find out why.

I grew up in an African household and I was the only African girl in my class. I stood out because I had thick hair and I didn’t have all those cute little hairstyles with bubbles and twists lol. Noooo my mum would do thread hairstyles in my hair and the rest of the girls would ask me, “why you got string in your hair” I would reply, “It's not string it’s thread” and roll my eyes. It was a traditional hairstyle that my mum had so much pride in however, the Caribbean, Spanish and Asian girls (and probably the teachers too) in my class, just didn't get it. We see it more in the natural hair community but this wasn't a celebrated hairstyle in my primary school days!

Here is an example of a similar hairstyle.

On top of that! Growing up In our community, the Caribbean children would always make comments about Africans smelling like food and fish in particular. Our parents, African parents were always cooking questionable smelling food but the taste was so incredible and kept us strong and healthy! For this reason, I was always smell conscious and I never wanted to be associated with that smell. To be honest, so was my mum, she would always leave all the doors and windows open when she cooked and always sprayed the whole house.

Since then, I've always been obsessed with smells; I absolutely love how smells make me feel, I’m fascinated at how the power of smells can remind you of a special moment, a funny memory or take you right back to a special place. 

When you use our body butters we want you to connect with our scents. We want to give you a lovely experience while nourishing your skin. We don't believe in unnecessary filler ingredients and that's why our body butters are freshly made each month. Our products are filled with each individual ingredient and not 0.08973 of the claimed skin superfood. We all love a beautiful smell that will have you complimented every-time you walk past someone.

Essential oils have very unique smells and have great therapeutic benefits but when I smell them they all remind me of medicinal scents and herbal remedies so I tend to use them for specific purposes. However fragrance oils use a mixture of essential oils carriers and artificial fragrances and I love that they can be used to create particular smells to match 

To us, fragrance oils are not an unnecessary ingredient, that 1% makes each Sheena's gold have their own unique experience.

What's your favourite type of smell and how does it make you feel?

Rachel x

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