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This is my confession

I am not a blogger.

I may write in lengthy sentences, my grammar isn’t great and I may not even get my point across properly through these 'writings' BUT I have so many thoughts, feelings, lessons and stories that I would love to share. Soooo, I am attempting to put all this information in my head into little entries that I will not call a blog! 

I don’t say this to talk down on myself, I say this as a self-aware individual that is willing to learn through trying and failing. I am ready to jump in the deep end and figure it out as I go along.  So I will be writing what we can call, errmm journal entries? where I share my truth! I’m not going to think too hard or it make it look and feel perfect; until I learn how to blog, I will be sharing the lessons I have learned during this redefining journey of self and I hope to be able to help someone. I just want to have fun with this and be free to write and explore my opinions.

I will be writing as I talk so expect a lot of exaggerated words, capital letters, exclamation marks, colloquial language and frank tones. 

Thank you for reading my not a blog but a journal entry.



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