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Me Moments

So the big V day is coming up, as it does every yearrrrrr and we are here for every bit of it. If you don’t know by now, Self-love is an essential part of our Naturally Perfect World.


For 14 days of February, we are inspiring you to get involved with our ‘Me Moments’. If you don’t know what a me moment is yet, don’t worry there is a description for you at the bottom of this. Soooo for this I’m going to need you to get with the programme and plan, this is real dedicated moments just for yourself. Each day you are going to take some time out to give yourself some good, good self-loving. 


And yes, you will allow yourself to do this guilt free because you understand that by filling your own cup with love, you are going to be functioning at a high, smiley, bubbly, loving level. This is your breath of fresh air, these are your moments to do for you. You are going to feel fully recharged, reset and ready to take life on with a smile.


The whole point is to have fun and make our self-love moments super easy so we can incorporate them into our daily routines and stay topped up all day, every day. Success comes in having the mindset that you can, so have a “ I can….. Or how can I...” attitude rather than a “ I can’t ….  Or I don't, have the …..” You can do this.


This year, we are committed to being the best versions of ourselves!


So trust me, Me Moments are definitely for you! So get your pen and paper and get planning.


To my single ladies, we can’t allow any moping around, get Cupid’s attention, let Cupid know that you are filling yourself up with love and welcoming more love into your life; Keep that love frequency highhh so Cupid will tune into your station hehehehe. To my taken ladies, the more topped up on self-love you are, the more loving you can give to your man. As he witnesses you embracing every bit of yourself, he won’t be able to forget valentines so let’s inspire him to go all out for you this Valentines Day *wink wink*.


If you want to know what we mean when we say Me Moment have read here:

Me Moments

The art of transforming monotonous, mundane, adult moments into fun and silly self-love moments. Self-care is Self-love yet sometimes it is difficult to pencil it in and stick to our self care days. Incorporating little acts of self-love into our everyday moments ensures that  we stay topped up on self- love all through the week. Let’s transform those monotonous moments into lighthearted moments of fun, goofy,  self-celebration and love just for you and yourself. 


And here is your Me Moments checklist, get as many of them ticked off as you can. The reward is you feeling good about yourself and recharging yourself with some much needed love. Make sure you tag us as you tick off your list, take some pictures, make some videos and send them to us. I will be sharing my Me moments over on Instagram and email.


Me Moment 1: Buy yourself some fresh flowers 

Me Moment 2 :Wear something that makes you feel good

Me Moment 3: Have a relaxing soak in the bath

Me Moment 4: Dance to some feel good music 

Me Moment 5: Write down 5 things you love about yourself 

Me Moment 6: Give yourself and someone else a genuine compliment

Me Moment 7: Journal your thoughts today

Me Moment 8: Wear a perfume or fragrance that makes you feel pretty even if you aren’t leaving the house.

Me moment 9: Apply a facemask and give yourself a face massage after 

Me Moment 10: Do a random act of kindness for yourself 

Me Moment 11: Go for a walk by yourself/ spend some time with yourself

Me Moment 12: Meditate for 10mins

Me Moment 13: Moisturise yourself to some music, take your time.

Me Moment 14: When nobody is around/nobody is watching, do something silly and just have a good laugh at yourself. Private joke though, they can’t know why you are laughing lol

Bonus Me Moment: Do something creative!

Let us know which me moment you’ve done

I really hope you get involved.

Because you are a gift to this world,

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