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Get to know Sheena's Gold

I hope your mother's day was filled with lot's of love, attention and spoiling. This month I'm discussing our Sheena’s Gold Range. It’s the first range of Naturally Perfect and they all have different labels, colours and names but you may not know what differentiates them so I’m here to break it down.


You know what’s annoying about natural products? They tend to have very distinctive smells and let's be honest they aren’t always the greatest. Personally, I love the smell of Raw Cocoa Butter but Shea Butter just has this strongish, nutty, stale, buttery type smell in my opinion and I just don’t like it on its own.

If you want the perfect combination of both good quality skin nutrition and a luscious yet subtle smell of a sweet day or a warm dreamy evening then the Sheena’s Gold collection has got you covered. Your skin requires love and attention from products made just for you and yes, your skin doesn’t need to look shiny to be moisturised but I’m sure you will agree that looking ashy 10 minutes later is a BIG no no!

The Sheena’s Gold range are all whipped with the same blend of oils and butters - Unrefined Raw Shea Butter, Organic Cold pressed Coconut oil, Unrefined Avocado oil and Sweet Almond Oil, however you have a choice of three unique scents.

Naturally Perfect Cocoa dream

Cocoa Dream

This was the first scent I created. When creating Cocoa Dream my wish was for a fragrance that didn't completely change the smell of the original butters; I wanted a scent that was subtle and light. I’ve seen some interesting essential oil mixes with Shea Butter and I personally think that not every essential oil type is suited to the buttery smell of these ingredients. When I smell Cocoa Dream, I picture white sands and palm trees; I picture a cute little baby wrapped up in a towel picture and glowy sun-kissed skin. This is the kind of experience I’d love for my customers to feel when they encounter Cocoa Dream.

I would recommend Cocoa Dream to anyone that loves the smell of coconut and Vanilla; It is also the calming and therapeutic option. Benzoin essential oil has been used for thousands of years as a medicine, antiseptic purposes and is also very soothing and warming.

Cocoa Dream is a blend of essential oils and fragrance oils, it is safe to use on all the family and I would recommend it for children over the age of 1.

Naturally Perfect The Remedy

The Remedy

The Remedy reminds me of a store full of fresh herbs and books for healing the mind, body and soul; it smells like it's serious about getting the job done. I wanted to create a fragrance that was more than just it’s scent. I was on a hunt for essential oils that I could count on to repair damaged skin a little more effectively so the combination of frankincense, lavender and tea tree make it such a good option for those of you who are suffering from eczema, psoriasis or irritated skin. I really feel the Cedarwood and Sweet Orange balances the distinct smells rather than have them all fighting for top smell. 

The Remedy uses only essential oils for its fragrance, it is safe to use on all the family and I would recommend it for children over 6 months 

Naturally perfect Sweet Summer

Sweet summer

Now when I created Sweet Summer's scent I was going for a sweet sticky fragrance that would spark happy, joyful, fun memories. I pictured bright bold colours and a happy summer’s day. I am quite youthful and playful in spirit so this scent really represents my personality and I absolutely love banoffee so this probably explains why it smells like a sweet banana pudding.

Sweet Summer is the only whip that uses only fragrance oils for the smell but as with the others it is safe to use on all the family and I would recommend it for children over the age of 1.

 Naturally perfect Natural Bliss

Natural Bliss

I know I mentioned earlier that the natural scent of Shea Butter is not my favourite but I was pleasantly surprised when I smelled the whip without the additional scent; this blend is gentle and calming. Although it is lovely to have the freedom and creativity to make complimentary scents I wanted to include the whip in its purest form particularly for young babies and those of you with extra sensitive skin. Also, let's face it, my scent preference is not the only thing that matters!

Natural Bliss is safe to use on all the family including new born babies.

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