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Why we're obsessed with mums

At Naturally Perfect we love to create warm, happy feelings. We celebrate all women and mother’s in particular but why?

Phenomenal women, incredible women and super mums are women who live their day to day lives as regular women achieving incredible accomplishments effortlessly. The trouble is because it’s  the norm and just “what mother’s do”, not one accomplishment is acknowledged and maybe this would be ok if mothers weren’t so hard on themselves for all the things they don’t do well. There are so many things in motherhood that not all mothers are able to handle as easily as others, in fact, some mother’s really struggle. Let’s take bathing, dressing up, applying flawless makeup daily, multi-tasking, raising multiple young children or the ability to plan activities for the children. Some mothers cannot be bothered, some mothers simply cannot do such things whilst other mother’s try and find it extremely hard; no one can do everything extremely well. We do not believe any part of motherhood should be taken for granted and this is why we feel it is important to recognise and celebrate mothers for all the things they do as none of it is easy!

At Naturally Perfect we have coined the term super-gift to define this extraordinary ability to do the impossible that only mother’s have. 

Super- gift - An enhanced natural ability or skill automatically activated when a woman enters the realm of motherhood. 

I lost my mum in 2018, 4 days before my son’s first birthday and as you’d imagine this disrupted my whole world yet I continued on as normal because hey, you still have your child and your other half so get on with it! My mother and I had some very difficult moments but she always knew she could count on me and even while she was terminally ill and suffering in pain, she gathered the strength to support me, look after me, give me parenting tips and she absolutely adored my son.I was extremely blessed to have her around during those first months of motherhood, there is nothing like a mother’s love and strength. I have always been fascinated with motherhood and birth and always had a strong admiration for mothers. 

I believe it is my personal duty to make mothers feel good and I am always seeking for ways to remind them of how amazing they are.To be honest, not many women are comfortable with hearing good things about themselves and they often reject it or deflect . Many mothers are so used to being so hard on themselves so much that they overlook the good and zap away compliments like they’re mosquitoes. 

Mothers regularly face some form of trials, obstacles and negativity whether it’s mum guilt, postnatal depression, lack of confidence or loneliness, there’s an endless list of mishaps that occur in motherhood. The thing is you’ll often find mothers sharing rants and downfalls, finding other mothers who can resonate with such commonalities and it’s almost as though they find comfort in other mother’s having the same chaos. At Naturally Perfect, we love to notice and admire how incredible women are at getting things done. When a mother demonstrates a particular skill so well that she doesn't even notice it, that is her super-gift. Things like compassion, listening, multitasking, calmness and planning, should not be taken for granted because not every woman can do these things so easily. 

This is the life of a mother, this is the reality of motherhood. The most amazing thing is we are lucky enough to serve these phenomenal women at Naturally Perfect. If mothers aren’t going to notice how amazing they are then you can count on Naturally Perfect to bring it forward to their attention! 

It’s time to start reshaping our perception of Motherhood, it’s never going to stop being difficult so the least we can do is recognise and celebrate them for the amazing job that they  do.I decided I'm going to run my business how I'd like to feel when buying from someone, it doesn’t matter about what other people are doing with their businesses. At Naturally Perfect, we want the love and positive energy to transpire throughout the whole brand. There is plenty of negativity in relation to motherhood so let's balance it out. 

You are the gift.

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