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Beware of the energy bullies 

So here is how it usually goes


You are happy, you express this regularly, you smile, you do fun things, you are lovely to those around you, you try to spread your happiness and encourage others to be happy. They are not, so they display many unhealthy behaviours towards you: they mock you, they drain you, they laugh at you, they want to find out what you are doing so they can get one up on you or they try and turn others against you.

It is your duty to your inner child, to your higher self, to your future, to happy you! To stay away from energy bullies.

Do not allow energy bullies to rob your joy, beware, pay attention and act on the truth that is demonstrated to you or, you’ll be stuck in a continuous cycle of friendships based on lies. Unless of course you enjoy that type of friendship.

But if you don’t …...

Do not allow energy bullies to steal your joy in any way. They can’t get the energy that you have because they have not done the hard work. They haven’t figured out how to get themselves out, so they try to sidetrack you, throw you off, you know, show you something negative, some energy draining video or news, give you some gossip. They may creep in with a sly comment to have you questioning yourself or they may even grace you with a compliment that is coated in the stench of an insult. If you’ve had one of those before then this message is definitely for you.


Keep well away from energy bullies.

Of course, some of them don’t even know that they are doing it but it’s basically like being around someone infected with a virus and passing it over to you without knowing. It may not outrightly be there fault but No.1 they should be self-aware, it is their duty to know what is going on in their spiritual system and that is not your duty and No.2 Soooooo because they don’t know they have a virus, does that make it ok for them to come over and infect you?  Are you happy to be infected by them just because they aren’t aware?  or is it not your responsibility to take your health and well-being very seriously.

Do not gaslight yourself

Don’t tell yourself you’ve made it up, do not gaslight yourself because what you are really doing here is showing your intuition/gut that you don’t trust it. Imagine that! the one true friend that wants nothing but the best for you with no ulterior motive and you are thinking of shunning it, for the sake of being at peace with the other unsettled person that is putting themselves first, smh! Leave them to figure themselves out. It’s literally you or them and by now, I think you know how important it is to treat yourselves with the love and the kindness that you deserve.

It is not you they are mad at or unhappy with, it is themselves and as the saying goes ‘misery loves company’ and they find company in swindling a happy and content person by successfully transferring that energy onto you.

I want you to remember that when someone is projecting onto you behaviour that is nasty, sneaky, upsetting, mean or envious, this is a projection of themselves. A part of them that they have not yet worked out how to master or solve. That is not, I REPEAT, is not, your problem. Protect your peace, happiness and love at all costs, you have worked too damn hard to get here, it takes a lot of homework, revision, failing and trying again to master happiness despite your circumstances. You are not about to let that go to the jealousy, anger and unhappiness lurking around nearby ready to attach themselves to you. This is an energy bully.

Bullies in the movies 

You know like in the movies, the bullies, they have some real and deep problems at home and it is usually centred around love but they take great pleasure in troubling the well-centred, regular individual and encourage anyone and everyone to join them. This is the same with energy bullies, they are having some real problems in their inner home, their inner selves and as a deflection, they are looking for those who they can take this out on. Allow me to tell you as it is, people who are not happy cannot be happy for others although they may try very hard. It annoys them to see happiness around them when they haven't truly mastered genuine happiness (you can tell when someone isn't genuinely happy). Their happiness is tainted with envy and they are also very good at developing the skills to put together grammy-worthy performances when it's time to be happy for you lol.

The thing is, you have to get to a  point in your life when you ask yourself and give yourself an honest answer to the following questions:

  • Would you rather have real friends or are you happy with the appearance of having friends ?

  • Would you rather live a quality life or are you happy drifting through life?

  • If you had a weed slowly strangling your flower and preventing it from blooming further, would you leave it just because you still had a flower?


Don’t let the energy bullies throw you off your happiness, don’t betray your intuition and your inner self, protect your peace at all costs. It’s you or them, the decision is yours but one decision benefits them and one keeps your hard work flowing. Be happy my love because you were created as a gift to this world and I’m here to remind you.

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