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All About Our Founder

My name is Rachel Adewusi and I am on a journey of self discovery; I am redefining Rach.

My mum died in August 2018, 4 days before my son's first birthday. The last time I had seen her was 3 months before when we said goodbye to her at the airport. I had to make the arrangements for her funeral but I didn’t get to be at her funeral in Nigeria; I didn't get to say bye and I didn’t get to see any pictures. I was  expecting to pick her up from the airport two weeks later but you know how plans go. It was all so shocking and confusing, I was lost, I didn't really know how to mourn and I felt I was to blame for the circumstances surrounding her passing. There was nothing normal about the situation and even though death is never easy, It felt like I was handed quite a bad deal. But, I still had to carry on with normal life right, I had my son's birthday party, I still had to be a mother and a partner and you still have to continue living so, I did.

Prior to this, I lived my life in the shadows and I was a living paradox. I was very opinionated (always unpopular) but I kept it to myself, I was a very big dreamer but I would always burst my own bubble. I was the odd one out but I always tried to fit in. I was a free spirit with big ideas and a strong desire to do what I wanted but I allowed myself to be bound by others wants and expectations. I always put myself last. ⁣

A couple months had passed of 'living' and I began to grow really saddened and lost. I had  pain I couldn't express, I silently struggled, I didn’t know how to reach out and ask for help; I had moments of grieving, hurt, confusion and depression. I felt abandoned, invisible to my friends and my mum’s ‘friends’, really showed their true colours. I didn’t expect the loss of my mum to be like that, I would have thought I’d feel supported by those that knew me, I thought people would know to ask how I was coping and would offer support in whatever way they could. But it wasn’t like that at all and It took me to a low and angry point in life. 

I've since learned that those are what you call ‘purposeful relationships’ and for me, this was to experience and overcome the pain and loneliness so that I can share my love with the world. If I had felt smothered with support, love and constant check ups, I may have stayed in that mode for longer because of the comfort and attention from those around me. This has been my journey of self-discovery, finding out what drives me, what I can withstand, what my super-gifts are and how to use them. That low point led me to DREAM and to decide to transform my life and I mean my WHOLE life!

It was time to redesign, rediscover and redefine the Rach I was moulded into, ⁣I didn’t want to recognise myself. I was determined to cut out all negativity, the bits that didn't serve me and create a new life for myself. My mother allowed her life to be dictated to her and I only saw her go after the things she wanted to achieve In the final two years of her life. By that point, you could see the pain and regret she had of a wasted life. Although she achieved it, this for me was too late as she was already terminally Ill. I knew that this  was no way to live and I didnt want to repeat history.

From them on I went on a deep journey of self discovery and I became addicted to bettering myself. So now I'm learning to be all the things my heart has yearned to be, I'm discovering who I really am, enjoying being 'different' and I'm challenging myself to live a bold, happy life full of colour.⁣


I had to find my therapy something that I could focus my attention on, it would be just for me, I could fully consume myself in it and express the creative side of me I had longed to discover. I started off making clay trinkets which I really enjoyed and I  still use them around the house today. It all clicked when I had to find a solution for my son’s skin problems and didn't want him to continue using hydrocortisone for his eczema. The doctors had told me he would always suffer from it and I just couldn’t accept it as his fate. I found I could serve other family’s with the quality I served my own family and I could combine it with my message of love for women and adoration for mothers.


So yeah I'm starting all over again, redefining Rach and becoming the ultimate version of myself. I have my elder cousin (she is more like an aunt), my loving partner and my incredibly, sweet son.

Naturally Perfect was born out of a desire to create something that would remind women just how incredible we are. I’ve never had a corporate job, I’ve never had a business but I decided I'm going to run my business how I'd like to feel when buying from someone. I don't care about how other people are selling their products. When I moisturize myself each day, I show myself love and remind myself of who I am. I want the love and energy that I have within me to transpire throughout my business: in my  website, my social media world, in my conversations with people and through my creams and every other product I make.

Just like me, I know you have your own story, your own battle scars, your own pain, disappointment, abandonment, confusion and trials. You have been designed with your super-gift to get through your own challenges and come out shining like you never shined. So discover and identify your super- gifts with me and let’s become ALL that we were meant to be! I really respect and adore women, we are so amazing.

When I say these jars are filled with love, I thoroughly enjoy making these jars, it is my happy place. I get to be my nerdy self, I  listen to my favourite songs and I am a massive R&B lover. It brings me nothing but joy to whip and package your creams, write my little love notes and send off Sheena’s Gold to make you and your family’s skin feel and look good!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story,

Always remember, you are a gift to this world.

You can join me on my instagram page where I share what I’ve learned during my redefining journey @redefiningrach where I share my opinion and bits of my crazy personality! I’m learning everyday so I promise it will be interesting!

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