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NP World

Mums we need your help

Mother’s day is coming up on the 14th of March and we would love to spread some happiness and encouragement to the phenomenal mother’s out there. We would love your help for this  We did our first #SpoilAMum campaign for Mothers day in 2019; we wanted to spread some love and we...

You are the gift to this world and what that means to us at Naturally Perfect.

I’m going to explain to you why treating you with high regard, pure love and passion is extremely important to me and I’m going to use the example of a Nursery practitioner as this was my role before I had my son.   At home, where children are most comfortable,...

Me Moments

So the big V day is coming up, as it does every yearrrrrr and we are here for every bit of it. If you don’t know by now, Self-love is an essential part of our Naturally Perfect World.   For 14 days of February, we are inspiring you to get...

We use artificial fragrances!!

If you have had a look at our lovingly made skin-food, you will notice that some of them include fragrance oils which we have used to create delightful smells. Sounds terrible isn't it but it's something that we aren't willing to change at the moment and maybe never will.  At...

Why we're obsessed with mums

At Naturally Perfect we love to create warm, happy feelings. We celebrate all women and mother’s in particular but why?

All About Our Founder

My name is Rachel Adewusi and I am on a journey of self discovery; I am redefining Rach. My mum died in August 2018, 4 days before my son's first birthday.

Get to know Sheena's Gold

I hope your mother's day was filled with lot's of love, attention and spoiling. This month I'm discussing our Sheena’s Gold Range. It’s the first range of Naturally Perfect and they all have different labels, colours and names but you may not know what differentiates them so I’m here to break it...

Her Story - Ep. 5 Tamara's story

Tamara’s story is the story of a mother with a young son. Tamara is a godsend for all her friends and is always available to help her friends no matter what the request is. Today she finds herself very unwell but how will she make it till the end of...

Her Story - Ep. 4 Tola's Story

Tola’s story is the story of a working mother who has a young child and another one on the way. She regularly works long shifts through the night yet the shift continues during the day as the demands of a young child has no mercy. This is mother is near...

Her Story - Ep. 3 Kenya's Story

Kenya’s Story is the story of a mother with a loving husband and three young children. She has no time on her hands for herself yet so many tasks to complete each day. Surely she should be a walking zombie right?

Her Story Ep. 2 - Hayley's Story

Hayley’s Story is the story of a mother whose marriage has come to an end and she is left with heartbreak and has to piece together the lives of her and her two children. She makes a bold decision to move to a brand new city, just herself and the...

Her Story Ep. 1 - Chanel's Story

Chanel’s Story the story of a single mother who has a desire to take her two children on holiday. This mother commits herself to making this dream come true but the obstacles she faces in raising the money on a single salary would make any person give up.